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Premium Aviator Eyeglasses

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Premium aviator eyeglasses


The classic silhouette of aviators still retains its charm. Apart from being a popular shape in the sunglasses category, they are now the preferred look  when it comes to eyeglasses as well. The eyeglasses wearers are ditching their regular spectacles and shifting to these bold frames to upgrade their looks. Modern variations are incorporated in the classic aviator shape and a whole new range of aviator shaped eyeglasses are brought in. Lenskart too stays abreast with the latest fads and hence offers an extensive range of premium aviator eyeglasses for all the bespectacled to spice up their regular look.

Premium aviator eyeglasses in full-rims

Carrera has introduced an interesting modification to the classic aviator style with their tortoiseshell patterned premium aviators. The tortoiseshell full rims of the premium aviator glasses frames come in a number of variations and their size keeps on changing from being a little thicker at the brows and getting thinner at the lower rims, thus adding distinction. The frames are conjoined by a bridge in the tortoiseshell pattern and a brow-bar in golden color. The golden brow-bar makes this pair stand out. The black temples taper into a golden wire and then into black earpieces. Overall, these expensive aviator spectacles frames look stylish and can be donned at parties, to make all the right statements.

An altogether different avatar has been bestowed to the Carrera’s black-white premium aviator glasses frames. The sleek full rims in black color of these premium aviator eyeglasses are brought together by two black bridges. Two metal rivets at the end-points bring elegance to the pair. The temples are red on the outside and white on the inside. The smooth amalgamation of white, red and black radiate vivaciousness along with sophistication. These expensive aviator glasses are best paired with formals for a business meeting but being highly versatile, they complement casuals as well.

To keep you abreast with the latest fad, the brown tortoiseshell expensive aviator eyeglasses frames are an ideal pick. The whole frame finishes smoothly in a tortoiseshell pattern but a single bridge makes them distinct. The pair is subtle and not too flashy and thus makes the premium aviator eyeglasses perfect to be worn with formals by both men and women.


Premium aviator glasses frames in half-rims

Ray-Ban’s golden-black premium aviator glasses frames, highlight your style and elegance. The half rims are black in colour and are affixed together by a golden bridge and brow-bar. The sophisticated looking frames are conjoined to the wired-golden temples, which taper in black ear-pieces. Overall, the smooth amalgamation of black and golden hues impart a vintage touch to the pair. These expensive aviator spectacles frames are sure to redefine your formal attire.

To stay subtle and bring out that geeky persona of yours, you can try the black expensive aviator eyeglasses frames. The black half rims are brought together by a single, straight black bridge. The end pieces are affixed with black, distinctly designed temples via silver hinges. The white nose pad sits perfectly on your face and looks sophisticated.

The golden tortoiseshell patterned expensive aviator eyeglasses frames have a timeless feel to them. The golden half-rims and the golden temples blend smoothly. The frames are brought together by a golden bridge and a golden brow-bar. The tortoiseshell patterned ear-pieces add flair to this pair of vintage-inspired premium aviator eyeglasses,  upgrading the fashion quotient of whoever chooses to sport it.