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Power swimming goggles

For someone who wears spectacles, eye-care automatically comes to the forefront. They are constantly concerned about keeping the prescription eyeglasses on to protect their eyes, be it working in front of the computer or stepping out in the sun. However, when it comes to swimming, wearing eyeglasses is not an option. But a bespectacled swimmer would not desire to further expose his/her eyes to chemicals like chlorine and other harmful irritants. In such situations, powered swimming goggles come to their rescue. Prescription swimming goggles keep burning and red eyes at bay and also enable the wearer to see clearly under water. One can choose from an array of swimming goggles with power at Lenskart and swim with ease.


Power swimming goggles in black colour

Ideal for training and competition swimming, black power swimming goggles offer smooth and clear visibility in water for spectacle wearers. The transparent lenses are round and clear on the sides, thus not blocking the peripheral view and providing a wide range of vision in open water. The super wide vision also allows for high light transmission and makes the view clearer. The lenses come with a UV protection layer, thereby safeguarding the eyes from dangerous UV rays. This makes the goggles suitable to be worn on both bright and sunny days as well as during swimming at night.

Swimming goggles with power feature smooth frames to ease out the pressure around the eyes. Along with this, the goggles also have water resistant eyecup covers to shield your eyes from chlorine water.  To avoid your goggles from getting fogged up during swimming, they are provided with an anti-fog coating. The layer aids in enabling an obstacle-free view under water which otherwise could have been distorted by fog.  For a perfect fitting on your head, these power swimming goggles come with a flexible silicone head strap, thus ensuring that the goggles do not slip while you are in the water.

These black powered swimming goggles are designed especially for near-sighted people and are available in various degrees.


Power swimming goggles in blue colour

These power swimming goggles in stylish and vivacious blue colour are a sure shot way for the bespectacled to incorporate variety in their swimming attire. Crafted especially for bespectacled swimmers who love to go fast, the small frames fit perfectly on the eye socket, thus relieving the wearer from the stress of constantly adjusting them. The frames are water-resistant and therefore, prevent salt-water or chlorine from coming in contact with the eyes,  thus avoiding eye redness and burning. 

While in a competition, the super wide lenses open up your field of vision and allow you to keep an eye at your competitors. The transparent lenses prove to be another boon while underwater as they  offer a clear view and have a UV protection layer to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. An anti-fog coating over the lenses further improves your game by not allowing you glasses to get fogged up and the coating also lasts for a long time. The silicon made head straps are adjustable and can be worn by both teens as well as adults. These blue swimming goggles with power are aptly designed for near-sighted people and are available in various degrees.