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Comfort Wear Eyeglasses

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Comfort-wear eyeglass

Choosing the right spectacle connotes looking at different styles, latest fashions, and the perfect colour to suit our style. However, it is comfort where our search ends. A comfortable pair feels like heaven when sported. It does not cause any sort of discomfort such as itching or feeling heavy on the face and lets us concentrate on our daily tasks without any distraction.

Comfortable eyeglasses should sit perfectly on the face. They should neither be too loose nor too tight. Another factor that influences eyewear comfort is weight. Lighter the eyeglass more is the comfort. At Lenskart, we offer classy eyewear designs, finely crafted with comfortable and lightweight materials such as TR90, Acetate and Titanium to give you utmost comfort throughout the day. Pick the one that compliments you and stay in comfort.

Comfortable eyeglasses frames in TR90 material

Ultra-lightweight, the eyeglass frames designed in TR90 material feel feather-light on the face and add to the comfort. Their flexible nature permits them to easily adjust according to your face structure, thus providing a comfortable fit. A diverse array of comfortable eyeglasses are crafted in TR90 material, with interesting colour and style variations.

Style and comfort go hand in hand with Vincent Chasse’s Tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses. The subtle yet fashionable texture makes the pair, a go-to accessory for every woman desiring a fashionable pair with utmost comfort. The temples are initially black in colour, with small golden rings but then alter into pink, thus bringing out interesting and sophisticated variations. These retro-inspired comfortable eyeglasses frames with a modern twist come in thin rims and temples.

Another pair of comfortable frames manufactured from lightweight TR90 material are the Vincent Chase’s unisex gunmetal rectangular-shaped eyeglasses. The frames are rimless and thus feel light on the face.  The temples feature subtle, yet interesting colour variations of matte, blue and grey. Overall, the comfortable spectacles exude perfect vibes to compliment your formal attire and keep you at ease throughout your working hours.

Comfortable spectacles in Acetate Material

Moderately lightweight, the spectacles made from Acetate material are quite comfortable. Moreover, the manufacturing procedure, involving multiple sheets of plastic, transmits great strength to the material, thus making it durable, along with being comfortable. An extensive range of trendy and comfortable eyeglasses, craftedfrom acetate material, are available at Lenskart in exciting variations.

An extremely appealing comfortable eyeglass pair is the Carrera’s round-shaped eyeglass. The classic round shape, amalgamates with the vintage tortoiseshell pattern to bestow an eternal look. The comfortable frames can be flaunted by men and women and complimentboth formal as well as casual attire.

A vibrant and comfortable eyeglass pair for women is Vogue’s green rectangular-shaped eyeglass. Manufactured from lightweight acetate material, the pair has upper rims that slightly elevate from the bridge and offer a distinctive look. These comfortable frames perfectly compliment bright hued outfits and will look lovely on a day out with friends.


Comfortable glasses frames in Titanium material

Spectacles manufactured from the material Titanium, feel really light and comfortable as they are extremely lightweight. They also have the added benefit of being exceptionally flexible and durable.

A great pair of comfortable spectacles to invest in are the John Jacobs's black-brown wayfarer shaped eyeglass. The rims have layers of black and brown respectively and the black bridge is high-set to fit perfectly on the nose.  The skull temples change from thick to thin and have a great fashionable vibe to them. These subtle, stylish yet comfortable eyeglasses impart a smart look for a workplace setting.