Scalr Collection

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      The breakthrough invention of stainless steel ages back to the early years of 19th century. Since then, its widespread use for commercial, medical, automotive and aerospace industry has made it an ultimate symbol of power and authority. Today, we bring to you the SCALR Collection, an inspired melange of 5 unique properties of stainless steel.

      • S-Strength
      • C-Corrosion Resistance
      • A-Aesthetic Appearance
      • L-Light Weight & Low Maintenance
      • R-Reliability for Life

      SCALR's revolutionary full and half-rimmed optical frames are made with 100% stainless steel. Light-weight, rust-free and intricately designed, these give you the baton to dominate over cliched eyewear. Say Yes to Supremacy and Quality, Say Yes to SCALR!

          • Eyeglasses
            • Sunglasses
              • Contact Lenses