Vincent Chase Lumineers Eyeglasses

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      The history of rimless eyewear dates back to the 1820s when the first rimless monocles were invented. In the late 18th century, these were crafted into proper spectacle shapes to diminish the weight of the existing heavy metal and glass frames.

      The Lumineers Collection brings back the popular feathery light styles from the rimless era. Made up of pliable TR90 material, these eyeglasses are highly flexible and are more likely to withstand impact on fall as compared to regular framed counterparts. The Lumineers contour and complement your face and are less noticeable at the same time. Its stainless steel frame is crafted for people looking for a modish yet long-lasting eyewear.

      Get ready to don these for an ultimate, defined, worldly-wise look every day!
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