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Time of Trip- Tag Heuer

An innovator and creator, Edouard Heuer founded a Swiss brand in 1860 under the name of Heuer Watchmaking Inc. and the journey has been stupendous ever since. With launch of many chronograph automobile dashboard watches and stopwatches, Heuer started manufacturing women's wrist watches in 1912 and gave the world its first chronograph watch in 1914. It started treading in the peripheries of eyewear (eyeglasses | sunglasses) as well in 2002. Many modern day celebrities have been undertaken as brand ambassadors for the brand. Some of them are Shah Rukh Khan, Cameron Diaz, Maria Sharapova, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Jenson Button so on and so forth.

Why you should buy Tag Heuer eyeglasses?

  • Status quotient:  Tag Heuer eyeglasses is a renowned brand and has been given approval form well known celebrities across the world and genres. Wearing a Tag Heuer eyeglasses watch is a status symbol in itself and speaks about refined taste of the wearer.
  • World-class designs: Designs made by Tag-Heuer eyeglasses have been appreciated around the world. Lenskart.com is an authorized dealer of Tag Heuer eyeglasses. Both men and women can indulge in rimless and full rim design and in shapes like rectangle and square both.
  • Technology that keeps you ahead: Made in lightweight materials like Elastomer and acetate, the eyeglasses come with a choice of not just material but weight too. One can choose from light to average weight bars and if you want to choose from colours, there is a wide choice available in that too.

Buying Online at LensKart.com

With the world going online, buying Tag Heuer eyeglasses has been simplified. Lenskart.com sells a huge range of designer Tag Heuer eyeglasses. Starting from INR 16,500 the range goes up to INR 24,300. Choose your style now ladies and gentlemen. The world has been brought down to your feet.