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Premium Alfa Choice

Eyeglasses are all classified on the basis of gender. There’s a different set for men and a different set for women.

Nowadays men are conscious about choosing the perfect eyeglasses for themselves. Companies cater to fashion needs that make people look stylish. This need for a chic look and style savviness is taken care by LENSKART’s new premium Oakley eyeglasses collection. It has the best and most up-to-date designs, all ready to personify style in their own way. Let’s see what this men’s premium collection has to offer.

LENSKART- Catering to their choice

The needs for the best-in-class eyeglasses is successfully catered to by Lenskart. But it needs a lot of research to peek into what people really want. Men like tough, durable and strong eyeglasses. Oakley has done its homework well enough. Some features included in men’s premium collection are as follows:

  • Classic dark colour shades like black, brown, grey, gun metal etc
  • Rectangular, cat-eye, wayfarers, round frames for a stylish look
  • Light materials for frames like polycarbonate, fiber, etc, that are durable too
  • Available in all sizes for a comfortable fit.

Buying your best pair

Let all the masculine needs be catered to and flaunt let them confidently. With Oakley’s premium collection, all this is possible and relatively simple.

So what are you waiting for? Get your perfect combination with LENSKART’s premium designs.

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