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Back to black: Designer black eyeglasses for men and women

Black eyeglasses are classic and never seem to go out of style. Many brands in India produce black spectacles, but one brand that is renowned for its world-class quality black eyewear is John Jacobs. Aimed at both men & women, the black eyeglasses are crafted out of the best materials and the most premium lenses available in the Indian market.

Created for the ambitious generation

John Jacobs as a brand is aimed at the generation of ‘The Next Big Things’:

  • Produced with the highest precision to offer eyewear that is refined, substantive and driven by quality.
  • The frames are created out of state-of-the-art materials like highest grade Titanium, handmade acetate, TR 90, Ultem and even wood.
  • Anti-allergic material, so completely safe to wear on sensitive skin.
  • Lenses are scratch resistant, durable, and offer complete UV protection.
  • With the use of latest technology you get eyeglasses that are impact resistant!

Shop online conveniently

You can buy John Jacobs black eyeglasses conveniently online from the comfort of your home. With consistent prices that are based on the material used. On, you can even read customer reviews to make the best choice out of the wide variety of frames available.