Carrera Eyeglasses Wayfarer

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Wayfarers- Defining change

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.”

Change is necessary. No matter it be in our lives or the glasses we wear. Yes, eyewear today has revolutionised itself with its new styles. New designs have emerged, that have replaced the old ones in the market. Wayfarer eyeglasses are among such new designs. 

Wayfarer eyeglasses from Carrera are a great way to showcase one’s personal preference in style. Carrera has its collection on Lenskart that has successfully been able to attract customers.


When we talk about wayfarer eyeglasses, there are many companies that offer different designs. But, there is something special about Carrera that attracts customers like magnet.

It can be sensed through the following features these shades offer:

  • Easy design with all sizes for maximum comfort
  • Blend of unique colours to look fashionable
  • Lightweight and durable material as per individual needs
  • Stylish shades with colourful tints for best results

Choosing the best

While sunglasses are a wonderfully practical item to help people see properly or to help them shield their eyes from the sun, these Carrera wayfarers are properly equipped with eclectic touches that can help showcase your personal style.

They are just simple and stylish.

If you want one for you, go to LENSKART and feel the change.