10-18 years

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Eyeglasses for children falling in the age group 10-18

The pressure of studies and incessant use of electronic gadgets have made children prone to eye problems. These necessitate children in the age group of 10-18 years to wear glasses even if the eyesight power is small as ignoring will only worsen it.

Eyeglasses, these days, are not the same anymore. There are several glasses frames that one can select from. Teenagers, especially, are exceptionally careful about the accessories they sport and chasma frames are, thus, selected with extreme care by them.

One can look through the varied range of spectacles frames on offer for children in the age group of 10-18 years. Some of the most famous are:

  • Round: Harry Potter brought these to fame and quite a number of young teenagers like to opt for them. They come with thick or thin frames depending on one’s choice. They are great to wear and the nerdy look is really in these days.

  • Oval: The oval glasses frames are pretty common and more traditional than some of the other options. Teenagers who are not looking to experiment with their looks and would like to go with the safer option can select these frames for their spectacles. They can also go for the transparent or colourful frames to add a little bit of fun to their looks.

  • Square: Wayfarers come in square shape and can be the perfect choice of eyeglasses frames for the youngsters looking for a dash of style. There are several options available even in the wayfarers depending on the size and thickness of the frame.

  • Butterfly: These frames are quite common amongst the fashion conscious teenage girls. If one is looking to experiment, then these are the glasses frames that one can go for. Colourful options can add some more funkiness to the eyeglasses.

  • These four frames and several others can be chosen by the children in their teenage. These are stylish yet comfortable for all-day wear, so go ahead and make your choice right ahead.