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Aryan Contact Lenses

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Glam up your Eyes

Coming all the way from Korea, Aryan brings to you the widest range of cosmetic lenses. Being Korea’s best Fashion contact lens brand, Aryan has spread its name in the whole of Philippines and now in India. One of the major advances in the field of eye care is the innovation of contacts. It is beneficial to the individuals who dislike eyeglasses. An update to these existing contacts, are the coloured contact lenses, which can boost both perspective and the appeal of sight. These contacts can be found with and without power and in variety of colors. Hence, by selecting coloured contact lenses, one can get double advantages of avoiding the eyeglasses and keeping in vogue. Aryan brings to you the widest range of cosmetic lenses. Being Korea’s best Fashion contact lens brand.

Prepared with excellence

Cosmetic lenses are manufactured by a special team of researchers that help make the lens in the eyes look naturally gorgeous and stylish. The lens come with black pupil and is made to preserve the health of the eye.

  • Aryan offers lenses in six colours- sky blue, hazel, aqua blue, brown, grey and green.
  •  Lenses are provided with contact lens solution for the benefit of the wearer.
  • Aryan Fashion contacts are soft and have been prepared to protect the eyes.
  • Aryan offers Three/two/one tone toric lens and three tone power lens too.
  • Aryan contact lens is elastic, durable and very soft in quality.
  • These cosmetic lenses are perfect for a fashionita and a glamour queen.

Buying Aryan Fashion Contact Lenses on Lenkart

Aryan’s Cosmetic lenses are exclusively available on Lenskart. Their wide variety of fashion lenses price ranges from INR 700 to INR 2430. We welcome you to a glamour-filled shopping experience at Lenskart.com Try something unique with your original eye color. Choose the right colored zoom Aryan contact lenses which best suit the occasion and suit your outfit. .Shop now for the best contact lens solution and competitively priced contact lens at lenskart.com, the only site you can rely upon to get a better sight and get great offers!

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