Aqualens color contact lenses

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Aqualens for acuity and comfort

After a daylong staring at your laptops, computers and mobiles, your eyes really feel heavy and tired. With the evolution of contact lenses, you can now be left assured with great comfort that it offers to your eyes and the better performance it delivers throughout the day. Aqualens has been designed to meet your daily demands and keep up with the challenges of environment like cold, humidity and dust. Lenksart presents before you the wide range of Aqualens prescription contact lenses for your better vision and comfort.

Why Aqualens contact lenses?

Aqualens contact lenses are specially designed to impart perfect vision and utmost comfort to the wearer.  Contact lenses from Aqualens are easy to insert and remove, and can be worn comfortably all day long with high water content to keep your eyes moisturized. . At Lenskart, you can choose from different colour lenses by Aqualens, which are also available on monthly disposable basis. The important features of these lenses are:

  • It is fabricated using Polyhema material
  • It constitutes 45% of water content
  • Offers protection from harmful UV rays

Lenskart for Aqualens contact lenses

Enjoy shopping for Aqualens contact lenses at with best offers and discounts.  Make your online shopping experience pleasant at with wide range of colour lenses by Aqualens to choose from.