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Ciba Vision Monthly Disposable Lenses

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Ciba Vision Monthly Disposable Lenses

Gone are the days when people carried eyeglasses and their cases everywhere. With the advancement of contact lenses, life has become much easier. With contacts, there are no annoying obstructions in the view, no weight and no frames constantly slipping down your nose. Contact lenses don’t fog up, avoiding distractions, making them a hot favourite among athletes. Ciba Vision's unique, blink-activated Light-stream Technology keeps your eyes moisturised, even after hours of wear, and the ionic lens surface resists unwanted protein build-ups that can blur vision or cause discomfort.


  • Ideal for those who want a reliable extended wear contact lens that retains moisture for all day comfort.
  • They also offer superior resistance to deposit build up for clearer more accurate vision.
  • The extra comfort and high moisture retention offered by Ciba Vision alleviate dryness and are the perfect solution for contact lens wearers who work long hours and need a comfortable lens they can trust.
  • Made with advanced silicon hydrogel which does not cause dryness or irritation.
  • Provides 98% oxygen to the eye, hence can be worn for about 24 hours in open eye condition.
  • These versatile extended wear contact lenses are also perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

Weekly, monthly and annual replacement lenses require proper cleaning between uses. Consult with your eye-care practitioner for the lens type prescribed for the correct solution type and frequency. Lenskart, the number one Indian eyewear portal provides the best quality Ciba Vision Monthly Disposable lenses at great offers! Buy your pair now!

One should discard and replace monthly disposable contact lenses according to the schedule provided by the eye doctor to ensure healthy and comfortable lens wearing experience. Lipids, proteins and micro-organisms may build up on the surfaces of contact lenses. So, for lenses that are going to be used for a month, it is important to clean them on removal from the eye and replace them as soon as the duration is over. Ciba Vision Focus Monthly (6 Lenses/box), Ciba Vision O2 Optix (6 Lenses/box) and Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box) are the three unique content lenses on offer on lenskart.com with discounts varying between 20% to 25% to keep your vision clear and eyes healthy.