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Purevision 2 Kit

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Let people see your beautiful eyes with contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb

Say ‘No’ to unnatural and distracting barrier in front of your eyes, say ‘No’ to eyeglasses. Adopt the habit of wearing contact lenses and don’t hide your pretty eyes. If you are still confused about shifting from glasses to contact lenses, then this article will definitely change your mind. Contacts vs Eyeglasses, this has been one of the major debate topics since a long time. There are many people who opt for a combination of both. While, there are some people who, for some reason have a phobia of wearing contact lenses. There is a very big misconception about contact lenses. No, contact lenses are not at all harmful for your eyes. Many believe that contact lenses are not safe to wear. This is a myth. Contact lenses just require some care and proper attention. Some of the advantages of contact lenses over eye glasses are:

  • Difficult to break – The biggest advantage of contact lenses is that they don’t break easily. For people who are into sports, contact lens is the most efficient solution for them. They don’t have to worry about them falling out and potentially breaking.
  • Crisper Vision – Unlike glasses, contact lenses give you the wider and complete view with no obstruction in the way.
  • Look stylish – With so many colours available for contact lenses on Lenskart, you can get creative and get your desired choice of colour.
  • Comfortable – Lenses are far more comfortable than eye glasses. You don’t have to worry about anything once you wear the contact lenses.

Contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb is the name unheard by nobody. The company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of eye care products including pharmaceuticals, lens care products, intraocular lenses and many more eye care products. It is also one of the oldest operating companies in the US. Contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb come in different styles and colours, and for all issues.  

One such amazing product by Bausch & Lomb is PureVision 2HD contact lenses. These lenses are especially designed to turn a blurry vision into a crisper one. They reduce the glare for a clearer vision. With 36% water content, they offer great breath-ability and are extremely comfortable to wear.
Other advantages include No redness or irritation in the eyes, really soft texture and very stylish. What makes them stylish is, its light blue colour that gives your eyes a very fresh and different look.

PureVision eye lenses require very basic care and precaution, like with every contact lens. Always make sure to wash your hands with soap and water and dry them before touching the lens. PureVision eye lens should always be kept in clean lens case to avoid any infection. These lenses also come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The price of the box of 6 lenses is 2300 INR but you can avail some really great offers on Lenskart to get it at cheaper rates.