Color Without CYL Power

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‘Powerless’ cylindrical colours

Contact lenses are designed to leave a lasting impression. Available in a comprehensive range of designs and features, some contact lenses come equipped with power, some without; some are colourful, while others are plain.

Lenskart has a varied range of contact lenses to offer. One such categorisation is “Colour without CYL power”. These glasses are colorful but don’t have any cylindrical factor incorporated in them, which is needed to correct astigmatism.

Lenskart – Your Style Partner

Though LENSKART has an amazing variety of styles to offer, “CYL with no power” is a unique category that has been introduced recently.

The major characteristics of these contact lenses are:

  • Best-in-class contact lenses from reputed brands
  • All types of lenses available
  • A unique amalgam of colour and comfort
  • Easy-fitting contact lenses made of good quality material 

Buying your coloured lenses

Original and authentic, these contact lenses will equip you with inimitable style. With strong colours and no cylindrical factor, you need not worry about putting any strain on your eyes.

So what are you waiting for? Log onto LENSKART and order your set of lenses right away!