Color With CYL Power

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Colorful power lenses

Astigmatism is a major problem for people with glasses. They need to have the cylindrical factor incorporated into their lenses to limit astigmatic effects. But what about the same condition when you wear contact lenses? With modern technology, contact lenses have undergone rapid advancements. Lenskart has introduced the new “Color with CYL (cylindrical) power” section, which contains contact lenses with the cylindrical factor. Theses contact lenses will correct your astigmatism, while making you look good.

Let’s see what Lenskart has to offer under this section.

Lenskart’s Colorful Astigmatic Lenses

The new category of “CYL with power” provides a great deal for people with astigmatism, who also wants to be fashionable. The various characteristics of these contact lenses are as follows:

  • Unique stylish lenses
  • Comfortable, soft and easy to fit
  • Made of the finest material
  • Available under various brands, providing several choices

Buying one for you

These are the ones that astigmatic need to think about seriously. With an amalgamation of colour and power, these contact lenses with CYL factor are just right for you.

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