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Bifocal Power

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One lens many functions

Do you need bifocals? Sometime after the age of 40, you will begin to notice the symptoms of presbyopia, including that feeling that your arms “aren’t long enough” to hold a newspaper or magazine at a position from where you can read it clearly. This is when bifocals come into play. You will need to wear multifocal glasses to see clearly.

But why wear glasses when you can make it more hassle free? Bifocal contact lenses are here to make your life easy. Lenskart has a special range of these bifocal lenses.

Lenskart’s solution to the multifocal problem

Multifocal eyeglass lenses contain two or more lens powers to help you see objects at all distances. But these bifocal lenses are homogenous. They won’t bother you with that bifocal ‘feeling’. The major characteristics of these bifocal contact lenses on Lenskart are:

  • Soft lenses that remain moist all-day long
  • Anti-dirt contact lenses that don’t allow debris to accumulate
  • Lenses of all brands are available under this category
  • Bifocal power easily available according to user requirements

Buying your bifocals

Bifocals are the ultimate glasses for people with multifocal power requirements. They will provide you a hassle-free, glassless experience.

So what are you waiting for? Login to Lenskart and place your order now!