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Purevision Contact Lenses

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If it's high definition, it's Purevision

Bausch and Lomb contact lenses have created a niche of their own in vision care setting new benchmarks everyday with eye care products that blend innovative technology with optimum visual clarity. But there are times when you feel uncomfortable in wearing your contact lenses for a long time and your regular eye lenses might have troubled you with poor vision and irritation in your eyes at many occasions. Now keep your worries at bay because Bausch and Lomb has launched for you the next-level vision care solution – Purevision contact lenses. Ensuring you crisper vision and healthier eyes, Purevision contact lenses give a new lease of life to your eyes.

Contact Lenses that will change the way you Look

Do you enjoy watching movies on HD screens more instead of the low resolution ones? Well, Purevision contact lenses offer you the same comfort. Made of superior Balafilcon A (Silicone Hydrogel) that is way better than the traditional hydrogel soft contact lenses, Purevision contact lenses are characterized by peak performance and outstanding image clarity.

  • The High Definition Optics of the eye lenses provide high quality vision in low-light conditions by reducing spherical aberration that results in blurriness, halos and glare.
  • The Comfort Moist technology of Purevision contact lenses gives you supreme comfort on insertion as well as comfortable wearing all day long.
  • One of the thinnest lenses in the market, Purevision contact lenses gives you a natural feel and makes you less aware of the fact that you're wearing eye lenses.
  • The superior design of the contact lenses allows 5 times more oxygen to pass through the lenses letting your eyes breath better.
  • The breakthrough design of Toric Purevision contact lenses provide razor sharp vision to those suffering from Astigmatism.

Shopping at ease

With a price tag of INR 1,594 Purevision contact lenses are definitely the best thing you can gift your eyes. Why compromise when it comes to fresh vision? So stop wandering and log in to Lenskart.com for the amazing online collection of eye lenses at surprisingly low prices.

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