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Optix Contact Lenses India

Optix is another line from Ciba Vision and the most famous lens in the product portfolio is the breathable aqua lenses. This lens have an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture (33% water and 67% polymer) which leads to a healthy and natural feeling.

Optix Contact Lenses Online

This was designed for everyday wear and the lens is flexible enough for overnight wear of up to 6 nights. The innovative TriComfortable Technology makes your eyes feel comfortable in three unique ways: the ultra smooth surface resists built-ups; the patented material retain moistures and prevent lenses from drying out and last but not the least is the continuous flow of rich, nourishing - five times more than traditional soft contact lenses - oxygen contributing to healthy & natural feeling. The lenses are tinted to make the handling easy, will not change the colour of your eye and will help you in locating the contact lenses in solution. shop at

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