Frequency Contact Lenses

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Solution to fight Astigmatism

An eye, one of the most precious parts ofthe body, which enables us to see the beautiful world, is in extreme danger extrem. With thearrival of Astigmatism eye disease, the eyes have turned dull. I know you must be thinking about the solution. providesthe ultimate solution with Frequency Contact Lenses. These monthly disposable contact lenses are especially designed for patients with astigmatism who are in need of high levels of toric correction.

Comfort and clarity in vision

These frequency contact lenses offer the right balance of comfort and clarity in vision.

  • These contact lenses are designed using Methafilcon A material which is well-known for its durability, easy handling and possesses high elastic properties that enhances flexibility of the lens
  • The contact lenses are designed unisex to make sure both men and women use them
  • 55% water presence in the lens allows the oxygen to pass smoothly

Easy on pocket

Ranging between Rs.563 and Rs.1080, these frequency contact lenses are easy onpocket and at the same time take your comfort into account. For enjoying frequency online shopping, all you need to do is log on to Further, these lenses are available at 10% discount keeping in mind budgetary complusions of the buyers.

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