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Contact Lens

Contact lens is a lens considered as a medical device and is placed on the eyes for vision correction and for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses are preferred over eyeglasses as carrying them is more comfortable than carrying heavy eyeglasses. Contact lenses are thus preferred over the Eyeglasses . Contact lenses don’t need maintenance and proper care as eyeglasses do. Eyeglasses are subjected to dust and visible and invisible particles in the atmosphere. These dust particles can cause infection to eyes. Contact lenses have an option that they could be disposed off when used by the wearer. Disposing after usage for a specific period of time keeps them away from all the infectious particles in the atmosphere. There are different ways to classify contact lenses i.e. by their function, material, wearing schedule and replacement schedule etc.

Focus Contact Lenses

Focus contact lenses give a good focus of the objects. The focus contact lenses are worn by people for many reasons. Focus contact lenses are better as compared to the others as they provide a better peripheral vision, and do not collect moisture due to conditions such as rain, snow, condensation or sweat. This feature makes them ideal contact lenses for sports and other outdoor activities like swimming, roaming etc. There are many eye problems like aniseikonia and Keratoconus that are corrected better by these contact lenses. There are different types of focus contact lenses like Daily Disposable Lens, Toric Lenses, Monthly Disposable Lens, 2 Week Disposable Lens, buy coloured contact lenses, and d Day & Night Lenses, etc..

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