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B&L Bio-True Lens Solution

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True to nature -- Lens solution

If you own a set of contact lenses, you’d know all about the difficulties of cleaning them and keeping them in pristine condition. Daily cleaning of lenses becomes quite troublesome sometimes. Especially if you have just started using them and are new to the whole cleaning regimen.

Take heart, because Lenskart has the perfect solution to this. Its best-in-class Bio-true solution easily wipes off dirt from the lenses. It is a solvent of organic materials and doesn’t harm your eyes. So, it’s good news for your eyes too.

Bio-true available on Lenskart

Lenskart offers not only eyeglasses and contact lenses. It also offers cleaning solutions and other accessories essential to maintain them. Bio-true Solution is one such product. Here’s why it works perfectly:

  • Subtle on lenses. Cleans them gently
  • Made of organic material. Therefore, less harmful to eyes
  • Easily available under an affordable range
  • Cleans the lenses deeply and thoroughly

Buying the cleaning solution

Bio-true is the best option for the cleaning needs of your lens. Get your lens cleaned and enhance the view.

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