Lens Solutions

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Ensures disinfection and cleanliness

Most of the contact lenses that we buy need to be cleaned with lens solution. We all know that it is done to ensure that the lens performs up-to-the-mark. But are all lens solutions good in quality? Well, it’s difficult! Lenskart.com brings two different kinds of solutions for contact lenses in order to reduce the risk of infection and the number of microorganisms that are on the lenses. First one soaks the lenses for the whole night by keeping inside the contact lens case. Available at discount via online shopping, the lens solution is used to keep the lenses germ free and prevent them from pathogen build ups. The protein removal solution helps removing germs from the contact lenses.

Unmatched quality

The lens solutions can also be used to improve comfort. This is achieved by conditioning the surface of the lens.

  • These are unisex in design, so both men and women can use them
  • This solution has a lubricant which is found naturally in your eyes
  • This lubricant matches the pH of healthy tears and also keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active
  • The solution fights germs, cleans lenses and removes irritating protein deposits

Available at nominal prices

These solutions range between Rs.155 and Rs.400 which makes them very affordable to buy. Lenskart.com provides these solutions through online shopping along with time bound delivery system.