Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

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A Way out from Budgetary Compulsions

Changing contact lenses every day and then maintaining a bank for daily use could be an expensive affair. Are you also facing budgetary compulsions owing to your daily needs of contacts? Monthly disposable lenses are a way out. Use a pair of monthly disposable contact lenses for a month at length without worrying about your eyes and purse. These lenses are offered at great discounts at Through online shopping, you can easily order a pair for yourself.

The Safest Lenses

These monthly disposable contact lenses are very safe as these are designed using material which reduces chances of eye infection.

  • These lenses are especially designed for you using filcon and silicon hydrogel. This is a water rich substance which allows seven times more oxygen to the cornea as compared to normal lenses
  • Owing to the use of filcon and silicon hydrogel, this reduces the chances of vision difficulties, infection and pain which otherwise your eyes may suffer
  • These lenses are from the house of Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb Lens, Ciba Vision Lens & Proclear Lenses and Cooper Vision whose name ensures you quality and comfort
  • These are unisex in design because of which both men and women can buy them

Most Affordable Online Shopping Destination

When it comes to style and comfort, no one serves it better than These monthly disposable contact lenses are available with discounts varying between 13% to 30%. Both men & women can wear them. These are also cost-effective.

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