2 Week Disposable Lenses

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Change lens bi-weekly

Changing the lens every day is a great pain. Sometimes, one feels irritated that why he has to change it every time. Lenskart.com has a solution which is named 2 Week Disposable Lenses. These lenses are very comfortable and do not allow dehydration at all. The contact lenses can be purchased at discount by the means of online shopping at Lenskart. These lenses are designed for the usage of both men & women.

No dried eyes

The 2 week disposable lenses are remarkably comfortable and very smooth especially when the eyes dry out.

  • The silicon hydrogel reduces the chances of vision difficulties, pain as well as infection which are very harmful for your eyes
  • Dehydration will not take place at all which will make you feel extremely comfortable
  • The reason is the presence of very high volume moisture-rich wetting agent Hydracleara which saves your eyes from drying out
  • These 2 week disposable lenses are unisex in design which makes them a choice for both men & women

High quality at nominal prices

The most affordable online shopping destination Lenskart.com brings these lenses at a price of Rs.1360. Lenskart designs these lenses using superior quality material for the comfort of the wearer. Further, these can be bought online at 15% discount.

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