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Contact Lens Cases

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Show off Your Contacts in Style

Ever wondered if your lens care routine could be more fun? Throw away those boring contact lenses cases and discover a new way down the old path. Lenskart has come up with an exciting range of contact lenses case kits which are just what you need to take complete care of your lenses. They are not just packed with some great tools for your daily lens care routine, but also come in different colors and shapes which make them stylish as well.

Nothing this kit can’t take

  • The contact lens kits have a contact lens holder which has L and R written on top of each, to differentiate your lenses.
  • Consists of a lens picker which is useful and practical, and can prevent your lenses from getting damaged from daily wear.
  • Comes with a mini lens solution bottle which is useful while travelling and is a huge space saver.
  • The best feature of these contact lens case kits is the mirror inside which is uber convenient.
  • The outer boxes of these kits are quite stylish and quirky which adds a fun element to this monotonous routine.
  • Available in rectangular, oval and round shapes with many colors to choose from like green, pink, black, yellow, golden, blue etc.

The contact lenses accessories are priced between INR 100 - 200 and Lenskart has a wide range of these kits with great deals on them! Not only for personal use, they will make the perfect gift!