Violet Color Contact Lenses

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The Mystical Violet Colored Lenses


Colored contact lenses are the next big thing in the fashion industry. They are not limited to Halloween or theatrics anymore and have dominated a significant part of mainstream fashion. With growing popularity, these voguish colored lenses are in demand all over the world with people coming out of their paradox views and experimenting with colors. This mystical accessory is a must have today adding to the air of drama and mystery to your persona.

Colored contact lenses were devised to improve or enhance or completely transform your natural iris colour. They add the flair of confidence with the conclusively of bolder bigger eyes. The suave violet color is an indefinite trendsetter that has taken the fashion galore by storm. It aims for a striking poised look adding to the allure and charm with its subtle shades. Lenskart brings you two exciting variants of the violet color in contact lenses.

Check out these cool violet colored lenses

  1. The mystical violet – These colored lenses have a ‘pretty purple’ color making an unforgettable fashion statement, anywhere. These will totally revamp your style statement and make way for a fresh look. Aqualens provides these colored lenses in the advanced Polyhema material with high water content. They are extremely simple to fit with maximum oxygen supply to the cornea. Moreover, they are UV-protected lenses that would protect your eyes from redness, irritation, or dryness. These bewitching colored lenses in the Violet –pretty purple hue are available in the daily usage collection in an affordable price range, and are available for both men and women.
  2. The trailblazer violet - These colored lenses are a breath of fresh air with the eyes shining bright like stars. They are the centre of attraction with their unique pattern that sets them apart from the elementary violet. These ring-patterned lenses are available by Bausch & Lomb as their official retailer for the Lacelle Color Circle Lenses. They blend with the natural eye color and stand out in elegance and grace. Boasting of having a ring pattern design, they naturally add a soft natural glow to the eyes. These contact lenses are made of Heflicon A and are one of the most resilient colored lenses in wear and tear. With 42% water content, these jubilee violet contact lenses are a perfect addition to your fashion ensemble.


From glam to glow, these hues of purple are striking yet classy at the same time. They accentuate your features, giving your eyes an intense and confident feel. These two violet colored contact lenses are very outgoing with a dynamic punch to them, which are immediate attention seekers. This festive season change your look with the violet colored contact lenses available at an affordable price range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1100 at great discounts up to 40% on Lenskart.