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Hazel Color Contact Lenses

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Unraveling the Hazel Colored Lenses

Colors are often associated with fashion trends and style statements. The latest obsession in the fashion industry is the rage for colored lenses. Contact lenses make for an offbeat accessory that revamps your style statement. From chic to casual, to exotic and bold, these lenses have the ability to transform your look. While at the first glance, hazel eyes tend to have a warm brown color but there is a subtle green hue near the centre of the iris that makes them unique.

In this blazing trend, hazel contact lenses have taken fashionistas by awe. It is generally a mixture of blue and gold and in some cases, it is earthy brown and green making it a desirable shade. Choosing hazel as your go-to color is easy because of its versatility and the beautiful undertones that complement almost everyone. Lenskart has made the choice a tad bit easy with bewitching hazel contact lenses that are available in different variants of the shade. There is one for everyone!

Take a look below to choose your favorite shade

  1. Pure Hazel – Indulge in this rich color, which blends uniquely with your eyes giving a fawn outline to your eyes. These contact lenses are subtle yet the perfect fashion accessory for autumn. They would match those terracotta scarves and blend well with the ginger-brown ensemble. These colored lenses go very well with darker outfits. But, lavender is one color in outfits that effortlessly go with these pure hazel lenses. They are available in packs of monthly disposables by Alcon Freshlook Colorblends.
  2. Mystery Hazel – This chestnut hazel color would effortlessly complement your festive outfits in autumn. It will also complement your winter wardrobe. Versatile yet soft in color, this color adds volume to your look and appearance. The mystery hazel contact lenses blend well with outfits in dusky shades, and an attractive charcoal dress or jacket makes for the perfect ensemble for those hazel eyes. Available in the Aqualens Monthly Disposable boxes, these hazel colored lenses are bound to make heads turn.
  3. The Auburn Hazel – This color complements your face and style. It is a versatile color that goes with almost every other attire that you choose. This subtle hazel will complement your look and provide a starkly cool contrast when you pair it with your outfits in silver, charcoal grey as well as in vibrant blue and green. Available in the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Premium collection, these colored lenses boast of having an intricate pattern that makes them stand out from the classic colors. They are highly comfortable and easy to use.

Hazel is an ingenuous shade that complements any ensemble and it surely knows how to make your eyes the centre of attention. Hazel colored lenses are a must-have and now they are available at affordable prices with the prices ranging from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1100, with discounts upto 40%.