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Grey Color Contact Lenses

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Colored Grey Lenses – The subtle hues of neutrality

People have been obsessed with eye color since time immemorial and the Generation Z is no different. From bold to exotic, this generation wants to experiment with colors and is more of a make-your-own style statement.

Grey is a variant of the classic blue color and indeed one of the lightest colors to bring out the glimmer in your eyes. It gives a soft and warm allure with a mystic edge to it. Grey contact lenses are definitely a must-have on the list of every fashionista and luckily, Lenskart has got that problem solved with a variety of options available in colored lenses in grey.

Take a look at all the variants here

  1. Sterling Grey – This color is suited for the self-conscious Generation Z. The subtle hint between bold and relaxed, the sterling grey is a true stunner. The beauty of this contact lens is that it frivolously blends with the natural eye color. From pulling off the vintage look to complementing the modern casual look, sterling grey is one color that is here to stay. Available in the Alcon Freshlook Colorblends collection, the sterling grey complements both day and evening looks anywhere. These contact lenses are also available as monthly disposable boxes as well as 10 lenses per box packs.
  2. The Grey Eyed Beauty – Grey is a versatile color with its own magnetism. Colored contact lenses in grey give a well-balanced neutral undertone to any style statement. They make for a natural choice for that soft, subtle look. Aqualens offers these hues in two distinct shades – the sterling grey and the spicy grey. While the sterling grey is more likely to add to the mysterious charm, it is the spicy grey color that gives a bolder outlook. These contact lenses are available as monthly usage boxes and are highly comfortable to wear.
  3. Frozen Grey – These colored contact lenses will match any innate fashion style as they exude an experimental vibe. The frozen grey is a timeless classic and remains a smart choice for the cool Gen Z. Available from Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Circle Color Lenses, these intricate designed contact lenses aim to bring out your mood, personality, and lifestyle without being too obvious. Moreover, the frozen grey adds the flair of sophistication to your natural eye color and enhances your overall look.

Grey colored contact lenses are simplicity at its best! With warm undertones and fantastic shades, this color is the new-age rage. In an age where fashion trends change every day, this color has made its mark and it is going to stay to make you look effortlessly chic anytime. You can try any of the elegant variants of grey to meet your immediate fashion goals, as they are now available in the price range of Rs. 450 to Rs. 1100 with huge festive discounts up to 40%.