Brown Color Contact Lenses

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The timeless Brown Contact Lenses


Brown is the color of the season, the new black, and a lot less predictable. It is the easiest shade on the color wheel and a trending fashion in formal workplaces. Replacing the black, the brown has emerged as a winner for complementing other colors. The fashion industry has steadily gravitated towards organic earthy hues and the color brown has made a steady comeback in our wardrobes. It is a strong and reliable color personifying intelligence.

Brown colored lenses are in demand now as Kim Kardashian rocked the Met gala look this year in her honey brown contact lenses. Sophisticated and warm in allure, contact lenses in this luxurious brown color work wonders if paired right. Luckily, Lenskart has got your colored contact lenses demand stocked up with illuminating shades of brown. Amidst the myriad of rainbow and pastel colors, this deeper hue is an unexpected yet strong play this season.

Here is a list of shades available

  1. Naughty Brown- This shade will go well with bold and catchy attires. Naughty brown contact lenses are all about experimenting with colors for they are a stunner. From fuchsia pink to army greens, this color works best with creatively thought outfits. For the most enigmatic ensemble, this color is simply irreplaceable. Available in the Aqualens monthly disposable boxes, these contact lenses are high on fashion alert and easy to use.
  2. Classic Brown – Perfect to pair with formal attire, this color is the classic choice for its neutral tone. These classic colored lenses can be paired with millennial pink, rich blues, khaki greens and even gold if you are in the mood to experiment. These contact lenses really put your eyes on display personifying the magnetic charisma about them. Available in the Alcon Freshlook Colorblends collection, these brown lenses are extremely soft and comfortable to use.
  3. Sparkling Brown – This is one stunner, which completely transforms your look. With a hint of burgundy and a pop of green, you will be surprised how this shade of brown warms up your eyes and truly makes them sparkle. Available in the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Color monthly disposable collection, contact lenses in this hue are a definite head-turner. They have an intricate pattern, making your eyes look exquisite with any outfit.

Luckily, brown is mixture of all primary colors. So, a myriad of ensembles can be matched with it. Brown and its stunning variants make for a great stand alone color. Match it with funky accessories or a plaid shirt dress. This color is a real winner and a must-have color this season. These brown colored lenses are available in the price range of Rs. 450 to Rs. 1100, with festive discounts upto 40%.