Blue Color Contact Lenses

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The Mainstream Vogue Blue Colored Lenses

The mainstream fashion has undergone a major revolution with great emphasis on the eyewear trend. The colored lenses are an important part of this fad, giving a striking makeover to your entire look. Blue colored lenses give a relaxed and calm appearance and are a fashion style that is definitely here to stay. They also have been the talk of the tinsel town ever since Kylie Jenner wore the oh so vogue light blue contact lenses, which gave her warm natural brown eye color a stunning transformation.

Are you bored with your look or just want to experiment with it? These blue colored lenses are the perfect choice to get those dreamy blue eyes and to transform any look to everything chic. From blueberry blue to icy blue, this captivating shade never fails to impress. The exciting new blue colored lenses available at Lenskart will definitely add the X-factor to any look you want to try.

Have a look at these refreshing cool-blue contact lenses:

  1. The Icy Blue – These contact lenses have a dazzling effect on the eyes, giving a calm and cool demeanor to your personality all the while giving an uptown perception. These colored lenses will make your eyes twinkle and they come as monthly disposables by Aqualens. These contact lenses in the icy blue color also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays with the added advantage of no redness, irritation, or dryness, while using them.
  2. The Electric Blue – These contact lenses are bright, energetic and an immediate stunner giving a striking appearance and an introspective look. They are bold, awe-inspiring, and radiate a confident persona and charm. Available in the Alcon Freshlook Colorblends collection, these blue colored lenses can be worn by both men and women. These suave accessories light up your eyes and are available as monthly disposables along with the added protection from UV rays. The Alcon Freshlook Colorblends collection comes in two distinctive shades of blue – the plain old school blue and the ‘brilliant blue’. The ‘brilliant blue’ is a brighter and bolder version of the classic blue that would enhance your style anywhere.
  3. The intricate Hues of Blue – Available in the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors Collection, these contact lenses have delicately patterned designs on them, giving the appearance of bigger and bolder eyes. These blue contact lenses blend seamlessly with the natural eye color. Contouring the modern and vintage blue undertones, these blue colored contact lenses have emerged as a crowd favorite for their elegance and charm.

From crystal blue to laser beam blue, these colored contact lenses are something you cannot miss, no matter what! They naturally enhance your eye color and contribute towards a fresher and younger look. These warm yet cool blue colored lenses make for a great everyday look. Buy these cool contact lenses that are available at an affordable price range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1100, at mind-blowing discounts up to 40% on Lenskart.