Aqua Color Contact Lenses

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The trend of the exotic Aqua colored lenses


With the ever-changing fashion trends and the world as our runaway, the one trend that has taken the world by awe is that of the colored lenses. With innumerable changes in the fashion industry, the trend of colored lenses is here to stay! With only 2% of the population all over the world having natural green or blue eyes, the rest resort to colored lenses to get that extraordinary allure.

Exotic looks are often mysterious and uncommon. Same is the case with these Aqua colored lenses – bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary. This one color is a raging trend for its concoction of two bold colors – blue and green and yet oh so different from the tints of hazel and earthy brown. Lenskart is here to upgrade your fashion quotient with these aqua colored lenses.

Try out these mystical Aqua colored lenses:-

  • The Alchemistic Aqua Colored lenses – These contact lenses in aqua hues are the talk of the town with their every growing popularity and demand. Aqua is an exquisite color, adding to the air of mystery and charm all the while accentuating your facial features and adding that sparkle to your eyes. Ever heard of the phrase ‘green-eyed beauty’? These forget-me-not aqua colored lenses are the best of both worlds – green and blue, and they aim to bring out the best in you.


These aqua colored lenses add a covert charm to your fashion A-game. Available in the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors Circle collection, these contact lenses flaunt the extravaganza of colored lenses with intricate patterns. They blend effortlessly with your eyes and have a delicate design bringing out the true beauty of your eyes. These contact lenses add that spark of zeal and give a soft natural glow to your eyes. Making your own style statement with these would not be hard. These unconventional colored lenses are a mix of two prime colors – green and blue, that are exotic yet chic and fashion-forward with the tint of exclusivity. These lenses would make heads turn with their unique charisma.


Contact lenses in the aqua colour from the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors collection are unisex and are available as monthly disposables. These lenses are made from Polymacon making them really easy to handle and they are more durable to wear and tear. With 42% water content, these contact lenses also boast of having UV –protection. So what are you waiting for? Level up your fashion statement with these oh so arcane aqua colored lenses from the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors collection at an affordable price range of Rs 1000/- per box with discounts upto 40% and an extra of 10% on buying 2 boxes.