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Colored Lenses - The New Age Fashion Choice

Colored contact lenses are the best prerogative for people who want to level up their fashion game. Not only do they enhance the natural color of the eye but also add an air of mystery to your personality with charming undertones. They can dish out any look and attire –from casual to chic making up for a stunning allure that will make heads turn.

The first step for selecting a pair of colored contact lenses is to choose the color best suited for your eyes. Lenskart has a medley of brands at its end offering unique colored contact lenses in appealing colors and the best quality.

Check out these trendy colors of contact lenses

  1. Violet: Nothing screams drama more like dramatic shades of violet. This mystical violet is perfect for those with natural light colored eyes who want to add the edge of drama to their appearance. This is one hot-seller when it comes to colored lenses and is often associated with power and ambition. It is the perfect concoction of the calm blue and fierce red bringing out your bold individuality. Colored lenses in different hues of violet are available in the monthly boxes from Aqualens and Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors collections.


  1. Aqua color contact lense: This color adds the calming demeanor to your personality that conveys feelings of serenity and peace. It is halfway between blue and green, and is perfect for those who want subtle tints of both the shades to enhance their looks. This suave color is available in the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors collection, which has the unique tendency to blend effortlessly with your natural eye color.


  1. Green: Green is a highly pompous eye color, and it brings out your inner strength and charm. With only 2% of the world population possessing natural green eyes, worry not, if you are not one of them. You can go for the green colored lenses that range from envy green to fierce green. Try the Alcon Freshlook green colored contact lenses that come as daily disposables or the sparkling green colored ones by Aqualens for monthly usage.


  1. Grey: This is a timeless and practical color, accentuating the features with a subtle touch of neutrality. From spicy grey to sincere grey, all these shades are available in both daily Freshlook colored contact lenses and Aqualens monthly contact lenses.


  1. Blue Contact lenses: The most attractive eye-color, blue always brings out your in-depth persona. You will find the best shades of blue from Aqualens that are available for daily usage and also as monthly disposables from the striking Alcon Freshlook-Colorblends collection. Your need to express a new trendy guise will be sorted with these.


  1. Hazel: A mixture in the hues of greens and browns, hazel colored contact lenses are subtle but bring out an air of sophistication with them. The colored contact lenses in this shade would captivate attention anywhere you go.


  1. Brown: This shade of colored contact lenses gives a warm vibe and has a magnetic charisma with a hint of earthly touch. Not only available as daily wear contact lenses from Aqualens in the beckoning brown color, you can also find the casual-looking brown colored contact lenses for monthly usage from Alcon Freshlook-Colorblends collection.


  1. Turquoise: Turquoise is one tricky color that is lighter than aqua blue but bolder than the traditional blue. This color is for people who know what they want. Who does not want to fall for those dreamy turquoise blue eyes? So try the turquoise colored lenses that are available from the exciting Aqualens Colour collection and also, from the Alcon Freshlook-Colorblends collection, for monthly usage.


All variants of colored lenses are readily available at Lenskart offering the best out of the lot in quality and quantity. You can buy them at attractive discounts offered by Lenskart this festive season with prices much lower as compared to the market value. They are available from a price range of Rs. 300/- to Rs. 1400/- with discounts up to 40%. You can also avail an extra 10% discount on the purchase of two boxes of contact lenses.