Width 142 mm
Style Standard
Color Blue
MEASURE 54-18-140

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Blue Transparent Full Rim Aviator Vincent Chase VAGABOND VC E10775 M - C3 Eyeglasses

Blue Transparent Full Rim Aviator Medium (Size-54) Vincent Chase VAGABOND VC E10775 M - C3 Eyeglasses are so attractive that you will need extraordinary willpower to resist ordering a pair right away! The perfect accessory for those who crave simple style paired with sophistication, these eyeglasses go the distance in making you look your best, every step of the way. If you do not mind envious looks directed your way, and in fact, are quite kicked about it, well, wait no more, for here is the perfect eyewear companion for you.

These elite glasses are a part of the Vagabond Collection. Vagabond brings peculiar and alluring eyewear styles to complement your eyes everyday. With plethora of colours and sumptuous designs in the collection, a sure thing is that you will never go out of style any day. Be a part of the Vagabond vibe today and flaunt your vivacious personality without any inhibitions.

Over the years wayfarers had been celeb’s signature style. They remained highest grossing eyeglasses every year. Get the celeb vibe with these wayfarers and rock the Instagram with your stylish pictures donning these. Are you still waiting? Do so at your own peril, for these beauties are disappearing faster than you can say eyeglasses!