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      Diverse Frame shape for different face cuts

      Diverse frame shapes of sunglasses give a totally different look to the wearer. Different shapes of frames are designed to match diverse face cuts. Before buying sunglasses, generally people pay attention towards the shape and size of the frame whether the frames suit their face cut or not. Each of the sunglasses,has different frame style and its unique style and design makes it a perfect fashion accessory for both men and women. There are numerous leading brands which are involved in designing some best kinds of sunglasses of different frame sunglasses. Each of the sunglasses is known for stylish and voguish look. Through online, you can easily access to diverse styled sunglasses such as Aviator sunglasses, Oval shaped sunglasses, Rectangle shaped sunglasses,Wayfarer sunglasses, Square sunglasses and many others. Each of the sunglasses exemplifies high-class designs which are carved with latest technology features.

      Aviator sunglasses

      Aviator sunglasses are well known for its oversize teardrop shaped lenses. These types of sunglasses have a thin metal frame. These aviator style sunglasses were introduced in the year 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for issue to United State military aviators. These aviator style sunglasses offer classy fashion statement which is often made in mirrored, colored and other wrap-around styles. You can easily buy different frame shape sunglasses online at economical price.

      Oval shaped sunglasses

      These kinds of sunglasses generally look great on any kind of face cuts. Oval shaped sunglasses, are highly in fashion these days that signify latest designs and trendy fashion statement to the wearer. These voguish sunglasses are light in weight and generally loved to wearer by women. Buyers can easily get sunglasses of different frame shape in India at varied price.

      Rectangle shaped sunglasses

      Fashion lovers like to wear modish styled sunglasses that give elegant still graceful look to the wearer. Rectangle shaped sunglasses are considered as glamorous fashion accessory for women. These sunglasses befit on all kinds of face cuts. Different in frame style and classy in look makes them perfect fashion accessory for women which adores changing fashion aspects. Rectangle shaped sunglasses of different frame sunglasses are offered by numbers of leading brands.

      Wayfarer sunglasses

      Wayfarer sunglasses style is one of the classic styled sunglasses. These sunglasses are a plastic-framed design which is produced by the leading Ray-Ban company. These types of latest fashion accessory came into existence in the year 1952. Stylish sunglasses of different frames make them elegant and latest fashion accessories which look great on both men and women.

      Square sunglasses

      Square sunglasses are another classy yet stylish pair of fashion accessory which suits on both men and women. These sunglasses are known for graceful look and most of the women like to wear square sunglasses just to look different from others.

      Sunglasses Frames

      All Sunglasses Styles and shapes

      This era is all about rapidly changing fashion. Each day, we witness a new fashion innovation. Andsunglasses are no exception. Along with classics styles such as aviators and cat eyes, so many new artistic sunglasses styles have flooded the fashion world. New patterns, novel fusions, inspiring coloration and fun elements, there is so much to explore when we say sunglasses styles.

      And with leading brands pouring additional awareness about eye care and eye protection, sunglasses have got an altogether new definition. They no longer are just a fashion accessory but are also the guardian of your eyes. So, with their realm expanding so amazingly, knowledge of which sunglasses styles or sunglasses shapes are dominating the fad becomes a requisite.

      Mirrored Sunglasses

      This sunglasses style has tasted popularity in the recent times and in the most incredible way. From movie stars to popular faces, not one person who knows fashion has missed the opportunity of sporting these fun and cool sunglasses. And the silver lining is that you can flaunt mirrored sunglassesin whichever frame style you want, from aviators to round and much more.

      Clubmaster Frame

      A popular trend of the 1950s, clubmaster frames have made a comeback in the most voguish way. A distinctive brow line is a major attraction and an exclusive feature of this frame type. Characteristically found as a fusion of thick brow line on a wayfarer frame, this style is now making appearances with other frame styles too, such as round or rectangle frames. It would not be wrong to say that these are also one of the coolest sunglasses trending nowadays.


      Originally designed for pilots and aviation professionals, which also lead to the namesake, this is one sunglasses type that never really went out of style. Now with even women sporting this frame style with equal style, aviators are witnessing a never seen before craze.

      Cat eye

      A style made popular by starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, cat eyes have always adorned women’s face. And what makes this frame style so loved among women is that these suit all face shapes. Yes, people with either an oval, round or square face can sport cat eye sunglasses without fretting over ‘How do I look?’


      A true exemplar of unisex frames, they look equally fabulous on both men and women. The other factor that makes this style so popular is that it complements any ensemble, effortlessly. You can team these up with your blazers and suits, with t-shirts and jeans or with your pencil skirts or trench court. And as the fashion gurus say, pop on a wayfarer and you look like you are dressed for nines.

      Retro Round Sunglasses

      If it was John Lennon in 1950s, it is definitely Johnny Depp in 2017. Confused? We are talking about the retro round sunglasses. Popular then and popular now, this frame type looks classy and cool all at the same time. And now when the opportunities are enormous, you can fancy this frame type with mirrored glasses, thick brow line, and gradient glasses and so on.

      Oversized Rectangle Frames

      This frames type looks best on a round and oval shaped faces for it helps to accentuate the soft features of these face types. These sunglasses have made an official comeback and this they are here to stay. With big stars like the Kapoor sisters and Malika Arora Khan flaunting similar goggles, it hardly leaves any doubts ambiguous about the popularity of this frame type.

      Square Silhouette

      Because this time, the international runway extensively talked about geometric frames, square silhouette is undoubtedly the sunglasses of the season, on record. Pick bold colours to let this frame type give you a distinct look. Square goggles particularly complement a round or oval face the best. So, individuals with such lucky faces must grab a pair of these sunglasses for them, today!

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