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Wayfarer sunglasses for Men

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Timeless appeal in the ultimate essence

Sunglasses have taken the global market by a storm with their stylish appeal and stunning looks. There are many designs that have been lauded for their creativity and class. But in recent times, the wayfarers have become a fad! These fashionable goggles for men and women are in the limelight for their impeccable design and quality. Their shape has given them that extra sense of timeless appeal that has the ultimate essence of its own.

The qualities factor

  • Myriad designs
  • The wayfarers offer various designs and each one is a class in itself. Full rimmed and half rimmed designs with exotic colors are sure to make an impression.
  • As light as feather
  • One quality that distinguishes the wayfarers from other designs is their light weight. The composite material is in such a way that they make up with the gravity and offer an ultra-light experience to the wearer. These are also durable and strong so that the risk of breaking is minimal.
  • Affordable prices
  • The wayfarers offered on lenskart are at very affordable prices. Just log in to and shop till you drop!

    Buying your fashion wear

    Order your pair through the lenskart online interface or visit their offline stores to buy your favourite pair today!

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