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Night Vision Sunglasses

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Night Vision Sunglasses

1. This lens includes -0.25 correction corresponding to the natural nocturnal myopia. 2. UV 400 Protection 3. Powered Lenses (Index 1.5) 4. Not recommended for High Powers 5. Amber (Yellow) Color Lens

Nocturnal myopia, also known as night or twilight myopia, is a condition in which the eye has a greater difficulty seeing in low-illumination areas, even though its daytime vision is normal. Essentially, the eye's far point of an individual's focus varies with the level of light. Night myopia is believed to be caused by pupils dilating to let more light in, which adds aberrations, resulting in becoming more near-sighted. A stronger prescription for myopic night drivers is often needed. Younger people are more likely to be affected by night myopia than the elderly

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