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Sunglasses for men: A style-statement in itself

Sunglasses are not just a necessity but also a great pick to be in style. Especially for style-conscious men who can’t compromise on anything. For such needs, Lenskart has devised a separate category called sunglasses for men, consisting of various sunglasses brands for men that can be used in our day-to-day life. Some of the special sunglasses for men are available for nocturnal beings too.

Let’s explore what these men’s designer sunglasses really have in them.         

Men’s sunglasses styles: The fashion warriors

A good pair of men’s sunglasses can help protect your eyes from sun-related damage. Various features of men’s sunglasses available on Lenskart are:-

  • Best Defense- Range of men’s sunglasses provide supreme defense to your delicate eyes from the bright harsh sunrays. 
  • Trouble-free Buying- You can get best in-house deals with best offers and coupons at just few clicks. 
  • Distinctive Style- Each pair of rectangle sunglasses has a distinctive style and unique appeal. 

Sunglasses for men: Buy one for yourself

Different men’s sunglasses styles can be used to create an air of splendour. They are a perfect way to further accessorise and, sometimes, even get a mini-makeover.

What are you waiting for? Login to and order now your favourite pair with amazing offers!

Men’s Stylish Sunglasses

To all the men out there, if you are thinking of buying a new pair of sunglasses for yourself, you must know which coolest sunglasses styles are trending for men. Of course, for men, sunglasses are a path to exhibit not just their style but masculinity as well. Hence, they fancy sunglasses that are cool, robust and smart. And if this is what men, in common, want, what does the fashion charts say about the sunglasses that are a fashion fad this year. Thus, contemplating over both, we bring a roll of sunglasses that are best suited for men and are also trending this season.

  1. Aviators
  2. Though worn by even women now, aviators were originally designed for men. From Tom Cruise to Ranbir Kapoor, the world drools over this frame type. Now with the rise of mirrored sunglasses, you can sport aviators with mirrored glasses and look even cooler. Men, especially with beards and moustache, look their sexiest best in aviator sunglasses.

  3. Wayfarers
  4. Of course, after aviators, the next hit frame style that men love is Wayfarer. But what’s hot this season? Wayfarer sunglasses, with slender temples and sombre hues, are making a fashion statement in the sunglasses arena. For men, wayfarers are the best pal of their armoires.

  5. Round Sunglasses
  6. Richly coloured and recurrently rounded sunglasses have become one of the most preferred sunglasses styles for men. Men are using these sunglasses as an easy avenue to a cool and chic look. But, it’s not just about looking cool, these sunnies grant you both cool and classy look. So, whether it’s your five-piece suit or faded jeans, round shades will smoke fire with both the looks.

  7. Double wire sunglasses
  8. Whether round or aviator, frames with double wire over the nose bridge have become a fad lately. This style adds a rebellious and robust look to a person’s persona. Hence, because men always fancy strength over style, these kind of frames are hugely admired among them. Also, leading brands like Ray-Ban and Vogue are introducing solo collections of this frame type.

  9. Large Rectangle Frames
  10. Though now the trends are changing, men have always preferred minimalist style over fancy frames. And this is the reason why plain-sailing large rectangle frames are still popular among men. And with megastars like Salman Khan flaunting these, men are sure to follow this fashion craze.

While these were the hottest sunglasses style for men, selecting a pair for yourself must pass one crucial test. Face shape is a vital consideration whilst purchasing sunnies. Like wayfarers complement round, oval and rectangle face shapes, aviator looks best on a square and heart-shaped faces. Hence, know your face shape and then make a wise decision on which sunglasses you would like to adorn.

Find the Best Eyeglasses for Men

When it comes to eyeglasses, we are witnessing a major shift in trends the world over. They are no longer merely functional visual aids that help you see better. Now, they define style, vogue and personality. With so many designs on the table to choose from, your choice of eyewear has now become more about expressing your best personal taste.

Like any other accessory, eyeglasses come in multiple styles, colours and shapes. Nevertheless, selecting the best pair that suits your style, skin tone and face structure can be a daunting task. One of the secrets to looking the best in your favourite eyewear is to check prior to buying if they would complement the shape of your face. Here at Lenskart, you just need to lay out your utility and style, and you are ready to go. Select your favourite frame, try them on virtually using our '3D Try-on' tool and explore the variety and best options for yourself.

Enter the world of Lenskart's latest collection of men's eyeglasses. The carefully curated range includes the latest assortment of frames that can be filtered according to your needs. Be it metal, titanium, acetate or wood-textured frames, you can find the best style you need in multiple colours, shapes and sizes. A consistent favourite among men's eyewear is the clear frame. These frames although understated, mean business and they can easily be accessorized with everything in your wardrobe. They can take you smoothly from a business meeting to a dinner date without interfering with your look.

However, these days, it's not just about the classics and inspired frames like the aviators and wayfarers for men to choose from anymore. Men's eyeglasses are seeing a complete overhaul as the metrosexual man of today is as eager to experiment with his looks as the women. Massive thick frames in different shapes and designs are a big rage these days. We are observing their growing popularity, like the 70s-inspired ones worn by actors Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp. Closer home, actors Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan have been seen rocking thick frames. These retro looking glasses will help channel your inner geek while still looking extremely trendy.

In recent years, the Clubmaster browline glasses are another style that have been redefined as the symbol of sophistication and individuality among men. A standard pair of browline glasses has bold upper frames that resemble one's eyebrows. The thickness of the frames accentuates the best intellectual look among all other frame shapes. Back in the early 1950s, they were associated with some of the most noted personalities in the world such as James Dean and Malcolm X. They still make one look undeniably professional when paired with formal attire. With the geek chic look back in vogue today, browline glasses are adorned by the young and old alike. Some of the best classic frame shapes have undergone variations in design and colour over the years. Clubmasters, aviators and wayfarers nowadays come in the flat top design and a variety of swanky colours. The flat top design is best in signifying a compelling modern look with a vintage touch.

Round frames are another classic pair that has been around even before other classic designs began appearing commercially. They have attained cult status in the world of men's fashion ever since Gandhi and Lennon wore them. One of the major trends doing the rounds these days are round glasses with metal frames in different hues. These are best worn with formals, and one can hardly go wrong with their subtle boldness. Colourful frames on these round glasses are also available, that are best worn with casuals.

So get ready to take the center stage and make a bold statement with our enviable range of men's eyewear. Happy shopping!