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Classic, Retro and Round

Round eyeglasses have been in vogue since time immemorial and even today they are the most sought after design in the eyewear space. For women in their 40s, eyeglasses become more of a necessity than an accessory. And for such people, style mostly takes a backseat. But with new brands foraying into this industry, comfort and style have merged. Round eyeglasses immediately struck a chord with women of this age group when Yoko Ono, Catherine Deneuve and Twiggy sported them in  various public outings.  Retro and vintage round eyeglasses can be worn with formal as well as casual wear as they offer an extra zing to the persona of the wearer.

Highlights of Round eyeglasses:

  • Diverse Collection:- Round eyeglasses for women in their prime are available in plethora of  colours and styles. You can buy John Jacobs Bold collection for full framed round eyeglasses or John Jacobs Browline collection for full or half-rim eyeglasses. Along with varied styles, numerous colours, such as black, brown, tortoise, red, blue etc are also available.
  • Retro Shield:- Round eyeglasses not only offer clear vision but also add a geeky-chic look to the personality. Round eyeglasses along with being cool have an ultimate lens technology which protects eyes of women from bright sunlight as most of the lenses have anti-reflective coating.

Online portal for easy shopping

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