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Great things in small shapes

From multi-coloured Wayfarers to the retro round eyeglasses, the small sized eyeglass collection is a lot better than what you would have expected. Especially crafted for women with a small face, these eyeglasses make quite a style statement. Many eyewear brands such as Vincent Chase, John Jacobs and Vogue have paid attention to this and have launched an exclusive eyeglasses collection for the small facial type.

Features of small-size collection:

  • Too good to be true collection:- The small size eyeglasses collection is  too good to be true; John Jacobs Studio Noir collection which is a cross between trendy Wayfarers and retro-hip round eyeglasses,  Vogue’s Cat-eyeglasses with peppy bright colours have been creating that buzz in the eyewear space.


  • Happy Colours :- Each eyewear in this small size collection is made up of bright colours that is sure to make any girl’s day. Bright and peppy colours like hot pink, green, blue, purple, red, yellow and brown bring that extra zing to life and bring out the cheerful glow on every woman’s face.

Online portal for easy shopping

This small size collection in bright hues is available on at unbeatable prices. Order your favourite pair and avail huge discounts along with a one-year warranty.