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The retro round

Black, blue, red or tortoise, retro round eyeglasses are available in numerous colours and combinations. Round eyeglasses have been in vogue since they were worn by the Beatles, Yoko Ono and their groupies and this is a fad even now.  Many celebrities have walked the ramp with these eyeglasses and have received heaps of praises for the same.  Round eyeglasses are one-of-a-kind eyeglasses which provide a retro and hip touch to a woman’s attire. No wonder it is considered a must-have this season.

Features of round eyeglasses:

  • Happy, peppy colours

Be it Vincent Chase’s Premium collection or John Jacobs Studio Noir eyeglasses, round eyeglasses are available in numerous colours and peppy combinations.

  • Archetypal attire

Round eyeglasses are best suitable with hip and formal attires. Though, round eyeglasses can be sported with formal as well as casual dresses, it is not suitable with sporty clothing.

  • Made for stars

Round eyeglasses have been sported by stars across the globe. These were first worn by Beatles’s John Lennon and later by Yoko Ono in her various appearances. Since then, various celebs have tried round eyeglasses at least once and have carried it off with panache. Rihanna, Indian director Kiran Rao and music sensation Hillary Duff, are a few who have made a statement with their round eyeglasses.

Online portal for easy shopping

 Round eyeglasses are available on an online portal for chic and trendy eyewear at unmatched prices. Order your stunning pair from the Lenskart’s online interface or visit their offline shops to buy your pair of women eyeglasses today!