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Undying Serene Blue

The colour blue is all about serenity and calmness. A woman sporting blue framed eyeglasses is sure to make an impression. The colour blue provides a calm influence and serenity to the persona of the wearer. Not only blue framed eyeglasses but various shades of blue combined with other colours are totally swoon-worthy. Be it Vincent Chase aqua blue Wayfarer eyeglasses, Vogue blue retro round eyeglasses or John Jacobs Bold matte blue eyeglasses, every blue framed eyeglass is a class apart. Wayfarers, Cat-eye or round eyeglasses, serene blue frame is in vogue this season.

Attributes of blue eyewear:

  • Unruffled calm

Blue colour provides an unruffled and calm appearance to the wearer and when combined with blue framed eyeglasses, it often brings out the real personality of the individual. Women look more chic and composed in blue hued Wayfarer, Cat-eye and retro round eyeglasses.

  • Trendy-Hip

Blue framed eyeglasses are known for their hip and trendy look and when combined with various other colours, they become a perfect accessory to wear anytime and anywhere.

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