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Out of the blue

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. When combined with spectacles, this colour creates a sensation. The blue colored specs signify a trendy look providing a cool image to the one wearing them. They are the reflection of trendy look and stylish designer wear. For men who have a penchant for blue eyeglasses, LENSKART has launched its stunning range of new blue eyewear for people of age group of above 40 years. The eyeglasses available in this range are bound to heighten up your look and keep the onlookers dazed.

Blue eyewear features

  • Stylish designs:- The eyewear available under this category have stunning designs containing different shapes of frames like rectangular, wayfarers, oval etc. This adds to fresh style with added attributes of trendy look.
  • Light weight and durable:- The frames are made of composite polycarbonate material or stainless steel. These materials are light weight and strong. This adds to rough use and comfortable wearing.
  • Low on your pocket/ Pocket friendly:- LENSKART provides eyewear at affordable prices that are optimum and extremely pocket friendly.

Getting your pair

You can get that chic look with a pair of these attractive specs. They will surely complement your looks. Order your pair now. Login to and feel the difference.