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Without the rims

There was a full rim, there was also a half rim, and then came the rimless. These rimless eyeglasses never go out of fashion. Famous for their classic serious look, they have ruled the eyewear market since ages. These eyeglasses are meant to give bold, light and confident look which reflects the inner personality of the wearer. For this same reason, LENSKART has launched its new range for rimless eyeglasses for ages 18-40

Features glorified

  • Light and durable:- The frames provided on LENSKART are made of light material and are strong. As rimless frames contain less material, they usually weigh less with an added benefit of being strong from stainless steel frame.
  • Bold styles:- The frames are available in various styles and colors. Providing a range of classic colors in its rectangular frame like black, brown, gunmetal, grey etc. they define trendy look in simplicity.
  • Affordable brands:- The frames available on LENSKART are from reputed brands and offer quality products which are affordable. The frames are neither too high priced nor too flashy.

At your doorstep

Buy these frames and feel the ultimate confidence within. Flaunt off your sophistication in front of people and let them know who you are. Login to and order your rimless specs now.

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