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The classic style

Every one desires a dapper look.  But it is not so easy to get that desired look. Having a good spectacle too plays an important part in making us look our best. The rectangular specs provide us that ‘smart’ look that we crave for. Crafted in simple design, these rectangular frames are simple yet stylish, offering a deadly combination. LENSKART in its new category ‘rectangular frames for 18-40 years of age’ has a huge variety to offer its customers.

Qualities of the classic

  • Simple yet stylish:- The frames offer a bold design which is simple yet appealing in nature. This can be seen in most of the specs. They offer a unique complimentary shaped frames which can be worn anywhere.
  • Saturated in classic hues:- Hues are part of life. They provide vibrant versatility to our life. Various types of colored frames are available under the rectangular category like black, brown, red, blue etc. They look trendy and stylish.
  • Pocket friendly:- The rectangular eyeglasses available on LENSKART belong to various reputed brands. There comes a common misconception of them being costly. But on, these rectangular frames are available at affordable prices.

Getting your pair

Reflect your inner style and confidence in a simple yet sophisticated fashion. Want that dapper look; here are the specs that will groom you up. Login to and order your rectangular glasses now.

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