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      3D try-on to pick the best

      With the world moving on to 3D, every dimension counts. Even in the field of eyeglasses, the 3D technique has made possible the virtual try on. With the new 3D try-on technique available on Lenskart, people can virtually try different eyeglasses online. Now, you can compare between various frames to figure out eyewear that looks great on your face type. Let’s see the highlights of this feature available exclusively on Lenskart.

      Redefining style with new technique

      With the new 3D try-on technique, comparing your look in different eyeglasses virtually is not a big deal. The 3D try-on technique is a revolution in the eyewear world because:

      • You can try all styles of frame in 3D on your face.
      • You can try as many eyeglasses as you want.
      • The process of 3D try-on is easy and quick.
      • With this technique, you don’t need to imagine your look, as now you can try every pair virtually in 3D.

      Put an end to the guess work with 3D try-on technology on Lenskart

      With ditto 3D try-on, you can try varied designs and select the best out of them. This can be done in simple steps. Just turn on your webcam and try on different frames online. You have plenty of colours and designs to choose from by using 3D try-on technology.

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