Toric Contact Lenses

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      Toric Contact Lenses - Solution to Astigmatism

      Are you a patient of Astigmatism? Do you know it may also be caused by an irregularly shaped lens? A lens with a different focal length and optical power in two orientations, which are perpendicular to each other, is known as a Toric lens. These contact lenses offer you the potential for fluctuating vision which means that they move and rotate a bit in your eyes which makes the eyes feel more comfortable. These Toric lenses from Lenskart are available on discount and can also be disposed after a month or a year.

      Comfortable and Easy to Handle

      Toric lenses do not strain your eyes, are easy to handle and give comfortable feather touch to your precious eyes. Being slightly thicker, these are a little heavier at the bottom. offers you these lenses by the means of online shopping.

      • Unisex design makes them an option for both men and women
      • Water content ranging between 42% to 55% allows more passage of oxygen in your eyes
      • Resist protein buildup because of which your eyes stay comfortable all day long and night as well

      Most Affordable Online Shopping Destination

      Toric contact lenses range between Rs. 563 and Rs. 2,430 per box and offer you optimum vision clarity and comfort. Brands such as Cooper Vision Lenses, Aryan Lenses, Bausch and Lomb and Acuvue Lenses offer a variety of Toric Lenses. You can shop for this extensive range of Toric lenses at with discount varying between 13% to 40%. Online shopping is the key here. So men & women grab your pair today.

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