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Contact Lenses  v/s  Lasik Surgery

Contact Lenses vs Lasik Surgery
Contact Lenses LASIK Surgery
What it is? Contact Lens is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye for correcting vision. LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that reshapes your cornea by using LASER on eyes.
For whom? Easily usable by all Eyeglasses users. LASIK is not for everyone. It depends on user's prescription, age, and specific medical conditions. LASIK shouldn't be performed on anyone under 21 years of age, on pregnant women, or on people whose immune systems are compromised by certain diseases and conditions (e.g. Diabetes)
Can eyeglasses be removed forever? Wear contact lenses anytime and get rid of eyeglasses instantly. Even after LASIK, you might eventually need reading glasses.
Benefits Feel free without eyeglasses, whenever you wish. Look good and flaunt your beautiful eyes. You can get rid of eyeglasses but only after the surgery.
Side Effects No side effects at all. Some people experience side effects, such as trouble with night vision, light sensitivity, and glare
Procedure 1. Take out contact lenses from the case.
2. Open your eyelids.
3. Easily apply on the eyes.
1. Take medication before surgery.
2. Undergo painful Laser surgery on the eyes.
3 .Take rest inside home for 15-20 days.
Comfort Extremely comfortable on the eyes just like you never had any eyeglasses. It might feel a little awkward while applying for the 1st time, but it gets comfortable immediately. Extremely painful procedure as Cornea is cut with a blade and Laser is applied to burn tissue. The person undergoes painful burning sensation in the eyes for days.
Time taken Few seconds. 15-30 days
Style/Fashion? Use Stylish coloured lenses to flaunt beautiful eyes.
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Not possible.
Price As low as Rs. 76/month
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Rs. 30,000 to Rs 1,50,000 or even more depending on the medical conditions of the users eyes.
Recommendation Many eye doctors and consumers find contact lenses to be a better alternative than refractive surgery. Users get rid of their glasses easily and instantly. Contact lenses are relatively inexpensive, non-surgical, convenient, and healthy. Most importantly, it makes sense to try something that's reversible - like contact lens wear - before committing to a surgical procedure that will permanently change your eyes, with no turning back.
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