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Product description

Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner 50 ml

Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner

Instant shift in the temperature is one of the biggest reasons behind fogging. May it be during rains or travelling to higher altitudes or simply entering a room after a long walk; fogging is a common phenomenon that occurs every now and then. It is also a constant distraction and source of irritation for the ones with glasses. Not only does it hinder the visibility extremely but can even result in serious consequences.

Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleanernot only protects eyeglass lenses from fogging but does it a very effectively manner -

DEFOGS INSTANTLY: The spray instantly defogs your lenses and leaves them with a clean finish that stays on for many hours.

ANTI-FOG formula with Nano Technology: Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner is made with a very specific formula. Its de-fogging power not only lasts long but gives you a streak free finish.

GREAT FOR NON-AR COATED LENSES: This uniquely blended formula also works on Non Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses.

MAXIMUM SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner ensures maximum satisfaction with every use. All you have to do is spray it up and never struggle with blurred vision again.

Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner 50 ml

Technical information

Brand Name Aqualens


Product Type Accessories

Frame Type No

Frame Shape No

Gender Unisex
Model No. Aqualens Antifog Lens Cleaner 50 ml
Condition New


100% 5 star
80% 4 star
60% 3 star
40% 2 star
20% 1 star

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Antifog Lens Cleaner 50 ml

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