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Product description

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)

Product: Contact Lenses Brand Name: Alcon Contact Lenses Product Type: Monthly Disposable Lenses

The breakthrough TriComfort™ Technology in AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses keep it fresh and comfortable from the very moment you wear it till the time of removal. This technology is about breathability – rich flow of nourishing oxygen continuously through the lens; retaining moisture – the patented materials inside the lens help retain moisture resulting into prevention from dry out and making the experience comfortable; resisting deposits – the ultra smooth surface resist pathogen deposits.

Alcon Air Optix Aqua Comparison

Technical information

Brand Name Alcon


Product Type Contact Lens-Spherical

Type Monthly Disposable

Expiry Min. 1 year from date of purchase
Water Content 33%
Lens Material Lotrafilcon B
Diameter 14.2 mm
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Usage Duration 1 month     (What does this mean ?)
Packaging 6 Lens/box     (What does this mean ?)
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100% 5 star
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40% 2 star
20% 1 star

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Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
Best in its category

Been using them for years. Probably the best out there.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
Simply Brilliant !

I have been using this for the past 1.5 years and I must say I've finally found a pair of lenses that my eyes have accepted :) Infact, I had given up using soft lenses and switched back to O2 semi-soft lenses as none of the available soft lenses in the market seemed to work for me. I am glad that one of the well known eye clinic suggested this product and it really worked! Though this is bit expensive, the great offers from Lenskart is helping me not to think too much about the money spent.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
Unbeatable Quality

Though a little high priced otherwise, lenskart gave me the product at nearly half the cost and delivered the next day itself. Thanks a lot! The lenses are very comfortable to wear and soft. Most of the other Contact lenses make my eyes run dry and eventually heavy by the end of the day, but these r better. I have used the same pair for almost 2 months with little issues of dryness, but no harm.

The recommended liquid for these is Opti-Free

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
its awesome product

Its outstanding contact lenses among all. But, im confused between o2 and air optics. Once i forgot to dispose contact lens and continued using same for 3months it was fine till. Later i realized, i had used it for such a long time.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
worth buying

These lenses are very comfortable to wear. I bought them about a month ago and fond them worth all money spent. These are so comfortable that I can wear them for hours without getting any redness or dryness in eyes. These lenses give a crisp and clearer vision and are smudge free. These have been designed so that air flow is maintained through them which prevent dryness. Moreover Lenskart offer these contact lenses at 15 per cent discount.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)
these are very good

These lens are very goood and comfy i sleep wearing them no problem ... :)

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)

I really feeling good after using this product..Bcoz this is the first one of my life.................

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)

Bakwas plz dunt use

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Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua (6 Lenses/box)

Lenskart Price 1,639
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